Aphelion webcam chat

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Aphelion webcam chat

ESA's Mars Express Project Scientist Dmitri Titov is delighted that the camera is opening up a new range of investigations at Mars: “Cloud tracking and dust storm monitoring, for example, are significant topics in the planetary community, and it will allow us to extend Mars Express science ‘into the atmosphere’, filling a gap in the spacecraft’s science portfolio.

The good news is that the transition to a science instrument won't interfere with the ongoing delivery of VMC images for immediate public viewing and for continued use in outreach, education and citizen science.

You remain more than welcome (highly encouraged, in fact!

So when I say I have one that’s This was shot on the island of Tenerife in the Canaries, an area of surpassing beauty, and one of the best astronomical observing sites in the world.

Truckfighters steamrollered the rest of the night with their desert-rock style buzz; I find their tunes a bit on the samey side, but the crowd was definitely super-hyped for their bouncy performance.

I am trying to make a project that allows me to pull up a camera, but I am told that I was denied access to the camera every time the program ran.

Working on VMC outreach, education and PR has been one of the most interesting and satisfying projects I've been involved with here at ESOC in recent years.

I have thoroughly enjoyed being in touch with, and working with, a lot of enthusiastic folks – some within ESA, many external – all of whom have been motivated by the love of science, interest in Mars, support for education and working with an active community.

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Here's some gripping action with singer Steve and guitarist Carl!