Consolidating two naps to one

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Consolidating two naps to one

So by the time he is up and goes back down for a nap, he's sleeping usually around noon.Then by the time he goes down for his second nap, he won't go to sleep until 4. We have tried keeping her up ,after at night so she would sleep later in the morning, but that has not worked out.Hi moms, My DD is 16 months old and for the past few weeks is only taking her afternoon second nap about 40% of the time.She sleeps 7pm to 6am, and is usually ready for her first nap around 8-9.

He's up for the day at 7am and goes down for the night at 6pm.And those naps should gradually organize themselves into a semi-predictable daytime schedule.Over time, your baby will continue to drop naps, and the naps themselves will gradually become longer.For instance, many 7 month olds take a 3rd catnap late in the afternoon, as they transition to a two-nap-a-day schedule.This catnap is not a problem, provided the other 2 naps are an hour or more. Not all babies consolidate their naps easily (or at all, for that matter!

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By the time your baby is a toddler, she will be taking one long nap in the middle of the day.