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Scholar online dating

Some of us begin to think that we have infinite opportunities and become lured by the prospect of bigger, better deals.

Others just want out, so they’re willing to settle for someone who seems good enough at that moment in time.

Dating sites and the algorithms they employ don’t assess us on the qualities we’re looking for in others; rather, they ask us for data about ourselves.

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In this article, we present some of the key findings of our research on online dating in Australia, in order to foster a debate about the sociological impacts on intimacy in the postmodern world.

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Dans cet article, l’auteure a recours à l’analyse du discours afin d’explorer, dans vingt profils en ligne, l’utilisation du langage pour la construction d’une identité sexuée.

L’auteure compare les normes de présentation et de communication de genre avec la manière dont le langage est utilisé pour afficher diverses sortes de soi sexués.

The catalog of possible dates is just too infinite.

(MORE: Why Restaurants and Valentine’s Day Don’t Mix) When Alice mentioned this predicament to me at a conference last week in Texas, she was echoing the growing sentiment that online-dating sites actually prevent people from finding long-term partners. The “tyranny of choice” theory posits that surrounded by too many options, we become paralyzed, overwhelmed and unable to make a decision.

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But the more she lingers on the site, she says, the harder it is to settle on any one suitor.

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