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Likewise, the history of conjure is complexified by the tales of an assortment of black women who named themselves after the celebrated Seven Sisters of New Orleans.

Such name-borrowing may have given rise to an informant of Paul Oliver's supplying a 1944 death-date for a second or "Little" Aunt Caroline Dye, but to be perfectly clear, i have no evidence that this was the case.

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In the photo shown here, distributed as Dye's business or souvenir card (and published by La Vere in 1999), she wears clothes of early 20th century vintage and appears to be a strong woman in her 60s, not the tottering 90- to 100-year-old she would have had to have been to have been born in 1810.

La Vere's 1918 death date does not seem correct, for in Harry Middleton Hyatt's massive collection of interviews with hoodoo practitioners collected during the 1930s, one informant clearly remembers having seen Dye perform a cure on her own cousin in 1929 at Newport, Arkansas (this story is given in full below).

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Furthermore, the Memphis blues singer Will Shade wrote a song about Dye in 1930, and seemed content in the fact that she was living at that time.