Spencer karen grammer dating

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Spencer karen grammer dating

In 2013, Grammer starred opposite Blair Underwood in Ironside, the remake of the popular 1960s television series of the same name.

On the show, she plays the female lead, Holly, part of detective Robert Ironside's (Underwood) hand-picked team to solve the most difficult cases in the city after he is left paralyzed following a shooting.

A retrospective episode was to be aired on The CW Network to conclude the eight-year series.

All About Christmas Eve Season 5 Episode 11/24Grace wrestles with a newly wed dilemma - she only has two tickets for The Nutcracker on Christmas Eve, and cannot decide whether to take Will or Leo.

, a cop drama starring Blair Underwood as a wheelchair-bound detective. " says Grammer, who enjoys hanging with the boys on set but prefers time with the two leading guys in her life: husband James Hesketh and their son, Emmett.

She plays the strong and capable Holly, the only female member of an elite crime fighting team. Spencer tells us about being a new parent—and her own "modern family," which includes dad Kelsey Grammer, his wife Kayte—who at 31 is just two years her senior! Your Tango: Since I last saw you, you got married and had a baby.

Spencer Grammer: I have a lot of help, and I have a really supportive husband. Comedy, starring Ray Romano and Patricia Heaton Moons Over Seattle Season 9 Episode 24/24Niles persuades Daphne's hard-drinking father to call on her mother in Seattle, hoping he can inspire them to start afresh.Meanwhile, Frasier and Roz reflect on their night together.It was one of the highest-rated scripted shows on television among African-American adults 18-34, including its spin-off The Game.The series debuted on UPN on Monday September 11, 2000.

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Spencer Grammer: Yes, of course, my dad's Kelsey Grammer!

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