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Who is olivier martinez dating

Halle — who is proud mama to nine-year-old Nahla and three-year-old Maceo — has been married three times.From 1993 to 1997, she was married to baseball pro David Justice, and then wed Eric Benét in 2001 only to divorce him four years later in 2005.He left school at an early age, holding various pick-up jobs such as salesman for jeans.Friends urged him to try acting, and at age 23 he enrolled in the International Conservatory of Paris.READ MORE Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez are back together ... We're told the soon-to-be divorced couple were leaving LAX for a flight down to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with… READ MORE Olivier Martinez will not wage a custody war with Halle Berry, sources connected with the couple tell TMZ ... He became known after roles in several French films such as Un, deux, trois, soleil (1993), which garnered him the César Award for "Most Promising Actor", The Horseman on the Roof (1995), and The Chambermaid on the Titanic (1997). The film was hailed as the most expensive French film at that time in history but failed to reach its million budget.She is not pregnant” — has many people asking one question: Who would’ve fathered this would-be child?!MORE: Halle Berry Debuts New Pixie Cut — See the Pics!

Although Olivier isn't Nahla's dad, he's still actively involved in her life. Halle -- who just turned 50 -- isn't crazy about getting a third divorce. So, we're told the divorce will probably just go away.

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez raced to the courthouse last year, trying to beat each other to the punch in filing divorce papers, yet a year later they are poised to dismiss the case and stay married. We've spoken with multiple sources, on both Halle and Olivier's side, and they say the same thing.

We found a legal doc in which the clerk in divorce court sent a notice to both Halle and Olivier, saying they've been asleep at the wheel and done nothing to make the divorce final. Neither is in a rush to make the divorce final, and they're fine with staying married. we're told Halle isn't convinced she wants a divorce.

READ MORE Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez are officially single ... " Halle and Olivier filed for divorce at almost the exact same moment back in October 2015 ...…

READ MORE Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez are rich celebrities who feel they're above the law ...

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